Project Overview

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Project Interview with Derrick Radke, Summit County Public Works Director

(KPCW News Hour - First 10 minutes discuss the Jeremy Ranch Roundabouts Project)

Summit County, in coordination with UDOT, will build two new roundabouts at the I-80/Jeremy Ranch interchange. This project will optimize mobility and enhance safety for residents and commuters. Multiple studies found roundabouts to be the most effective long-term solution to address growth and traffic congestion at this interchange.

  • Two roundabouts
  • Bicycle and pedestrian improvements including:                                           - Grade-separated trail                                                                                          - Underpasses at the westbound I-80 off-ramp, eastbound I-80 on-ramp and Kilby Road                                                                                                     - Pedestrian-activated warning lights and pedestrian refuges at the Pinebrook Boulevard and Homestead Road crosswalks
  • Improved transit connectivity

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Jeremy Ranch Roundabouts

Project Funding

  • Project Lead: Summit County
  • Project Partners: UDOT, Federal Highways
  • Federal Aid/UDOT Project Number F-R299(206) Estimated Project
  • Value: $10.6M
  • Federal Aid: $1.1M
  • UDOT Flex Funding: $1.9M
  • Summit County Additional Sales Tax for Transportation: $5.6M
  • Summit County Transportation Impact Fees: $2M jeremyranch_web Opens in new window
    This project will improve the safety, mobility and reduce congestion at the I-80 Jeremy Ranch Interchange, located at Mile Post 141 along I-80, serves vital community and commercial interests in western Summit County. Severe morning and evening congestion impact travel of Summit County residents, visitors, and commuters. There have been multiple studies for this area including a study in June 2007, a follow up study dated June 2009, another in 2015, and several traffic signal warrant studies for the I-80 ramps. The alternatives evaluated in these interchange studies included, two different roundabout options (two large diameter roundabouts, and 4 smaller roundabouts), a Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI), and two different signal options. At the time of the studies, the estimated cost for the roundabout option(s) were approximately is $10.3M; the SPUI option was $26.6M; and the two signal options were $22.1M and $21.8M respectively.

Based on cost and performance through the design year of 2050, the two large diameter roundabouts were selected as the preferred alternative.