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October 4, 2017
Summit County adopts Resolution establishing renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals:

Renewable Energy Goals: Summit County will implement strategies and policies to:
a. Transition to measured net 100% renewable electrical energy by 2032 for all of Summit County’s government operations; goal includes 50% renewable electrical energy for Summit County government operations by 2025; and
b. Make renewable electrical energy obtainable, and adopted broadly, by all residents and businesses in Summit County by 2032.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Goals: Summit County will actively seek to:
a. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from County government operations by 80% below their 2016 level by 2040; and
b. Implement strategies and policies to encourage the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions countywide by 80% below their 2014 level by 2050.

 Rocky Mountain Power is offering Plug-In Electric Vehicle owners the choice to enroll in one of two new time-of-use rate options. If you charge your car and use other equipment during off-peak hours, you MAY save money on your bill.

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Click the logo to learn about the details of the program, frequently asked questions and when the new rates take effect.

Summit County was highlighted in the "Community Spotlight" section of the July SolSmart Newsletter for efforts in removing barriers to installing rooftop solar.SolSmartEmailCommunitySpotlight7-27-17_Page_6


Below is a recap of what the Sustainability Office accomplished in 2016. Click the image for the full Annual Report pdf. 
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