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Our office provides no-fee, tailored site selection services to employers, corporate real estate executives, and site location consultants who are considering Summit County for relocation and/or expansion. We offer a network of regional and local resources to gather essential information and discover which locations offer the most value for your project.

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Area Development Online

Site Selection Magazine

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development

Economic Development Corporation of Utah

Utah Department of Workforce Services

Area Development Online

  1. Lake Foods Expands Operations In Hart County, Georgia

    Lake Foods, a provider of top quality food products to food processing companies nationwide, will invest $8 million to expand its operations center at Hart County Industrial Park in Georgia, with plans to create 130 new full-time jobs, more than...

  2. Interapt Establishes Headquarters Campus In Louisville, Kentucky

    Interapt, a tech development startup focusing on business innovation services and workforce development, will invest nearly $3.7 million to establish its new headquarters complex in Louisville, Kentucky, with plans to hire 250 full-time associates...

  3. Universal Companies Expands In Washington County, Virginia

    Universal Companies, a leading single-source supplier of spa products, will invest $1.5 million to expand its distribution operation at Oak Park: Center for Business and Industry in Washington County, Virginia.

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