Sustainability Office Logo

Introducing the Summit County Sustainability Office New Logo

Sustainability on a basic level is defined as, “the ability to be sustained, supported or upheld” but the contemporary definition combines three elements: environment, economy and community. For the County to make sustainable decisions they must find the sweet spot between: the ability to maintain harvesting renewable resources, pollution control, and diminishing non-renewable resources indefinitely; the ability to support a positive level of economic production indefinitely; and a high functioning social system indefinitely. Based on the definition and goals of the Sustainability Office the new logo was created. 
In 2015 the County worked with a design team through the process of creating a consistent brand identity encompassing an updated logo and selecting five colors that are carried throughout the website and messaging. These five colors were chosen by studying multiple photographs of scenes throughout Summit County and identified as the colors that best represent the landscape in which residents live.


To maintain consistency, the Summit County Sustainability Office utilized these colors to adorn their new logo that aims to better explain what the office does to help the community. 
The logo places the people graphic at the top because it is the most important element of the three. Both the County and community have the responsibility to make sure collective actions uphold the principles of sustainability. Next in the logo, the environment and the economy are represented with a plant graphic and bar graph graphic. The environment provides resources that are inextricably linked to the County’s farming and ranching heritage and the growing tourist economy. The goal is to maintain a healthy and long term balance between these three aspects within a changing world as the population of the County continues to change and grown, the environment experiences extremes, and the economy diversifies. The task of the Sustainability Office is not an easy one and it will take collaboration on all levels to achieve. This new logo visualizes that need and challenge.