Special Event Grant

The Park City Chamber/Bureau offers financial and in-kind assistance for qualified events in order to enhance the business and social community of Park City. As such, each grant application will be reviewed and evaluated based on the event’s potential to:

    a) Drive overnight visitors to Park City/Summit County and thus have positive and measurable economic impact on local businesses including, but not limited to, lodging properties, restaurants, and retail stores;

    b) Generate positive editorial coverage of the event and/or the community from either electronic, print, broadcast, or social media;

    c) Enhance the community’s event calendar for full- and part-time residents and visitors.

Questions and comments can be directed to Bob Kollar by phone at 435-658-9608 or email at bob@visitparkcity.com.

The following web-links provide the necessary documents and detailed information necessary for applying for the Special Event Grant:

How to Apply

  1. Save your application and supporting documents in one PDF file.
  2. Name the file as follows: “2017 SE Grant -  <your organizations name>".
  3. Submit the one, consolidated file using the “Upload Special Event Grant Application” button on this website. THERE IS NO SIZE LIMIT TO THE FILE.
  4. Retain confirmation email for your records.